Striking a Pose
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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

Striking a Pose

Bongi, Pangani, Tanzania.

Feb 2014

We visited this remote village as my friend Aoiveen was working in a mobile medical there for the day.  The clinics have recently been introduced  to the community.  Before that , they had no access to medical facilities.  The clinic now takes place 3 times a year.  For one day each time.   There were 300 patients waiting to see 2 doctors that day.  Alot of them were gravely ill.  Malaria is number one killer for children and adults.  If not treated on time, the patients die.   All it takes is a few tablets to save their lives...   I walked around the village during the day.  Most of these people have never travelled outside their village, and had never seen a white person before.  Many were afraid and ran for cover into their little huts.    The children here were nervous initially but relaxed then when I showed them my camera and we had great fun taking pics and showing them their images on the back of the camera.

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Camera Lens Focal Length Shutter speed Iso Aperture Additional details
Canon EOS 6d
Canon 70-200mm


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