Mellifont Abbey3
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Thursday, 18 April 2013 00:00

Mellifont Abbey 3

16 April 2013

Mellifont, County Louth

This was taken at the 11th Century ruins of the Cistercian monastery at Mellifont on an outing with Mid Louth camera club.  This is a long exposure .  The ruins were lit up at intervals by Richie and Teddy using speedlites. Blue gel was used on one of the speedlites to achieve the blue effect at the front.  They ran around  lighting up the ruins, and in between the flashes , we covered our lens with black card to avoid polluting the images with stray light

180413_Landscapes_Mellifont __Mellifont3_160413_4_img4931

Camera Lens Focal Length Shutter speed Iso Aperture Additional details
Canon EOS 6D
Canon17-40mm 26mm


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