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I will be adding images to this site as time goes on, so check back once in a while to see the new material. Prints and framed photos are available for any images posted here (contact me by e-mail for more information). Please remember that these photos are copyrighted (and watermarked) and may not be used without my express, written permission.

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Galleries Overview

I love all aspects of photography, but seascapes are my favourite.
I love the vastness of the ocean and I love our incredibly beautiful and rugged coastline.

It was a shot I took at Dunany, County Louth in June 2011 that really ignited my passion for photography. Entitled “Rainbow’s End”, it is one of my favourite images. For me, the rainbows end that I captured through my lens is quite symbolic. I felt at this point that all the colours and magic of my photography were finally coming together, in the same way that the colours and magic of the rainbow come together in the photograph. I spent a few evenings at Dunany observing the changing light and mood along County Louth’s tiny stretch of coastline. It was then that my deep passion for photography really developed. I find solitude beside the ocean and am captivated by the peacefulness and the colours at dawn and dusk.

My passion for photography is driven by the forever changing lighting, moods and seasons making every moment unique. For me, the thrill of doing seascapes is never really knowing what you are going to get until it appears in front of the sun peeking out through a crack in the clouds for a brief moment.

My aim as a seascape photographer is to capture the beauty of creation, and to show the world the loveliness of what’s around us, but sometimes do not have time to notice. I have an intense love of the sea and I try to bring across that emotion in my images. I especially enjoy when somebody else is able to feel the same tranquil and serene feelings I experience while behind the camera.

In this gallery you will find seascapes taken from all over Ireland, but at present they are mostly from along the Leinster coastline.

Photographs from my travels,

In March 2011, I was invited by N.Shiva Kumar, a Delhi-based photographer to accompany him on a trip to Hampi in the state of Karnataka in South India. This ancient metropolis is spread out over an area of 26 km sq and it is essentially an open museum of archaeology, history and culture. I tried to capture through my lens the architectural grandeur of the buildings and monuments as well as the magnificence of the boulder-strewn landscape which are unique to the Deccan plateau.

At the beginning of 2014 I had the good fortune to spend three weeks in Tanzania, East Africa.  I was mesmerized by the beauty of the country and all the new sights and smells.  However what fascinated me most was the happiness of all the children I met.   The children had no material things or luxuries.  Despite having so little the Tanzanian children were the most friendly, joyful and happiest I have ever encountered.  Simple things make them happy, playing with anything that comes their way. I stayed in the town of Moshi at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro for two weeks and then we travelled up north to the Serengeti region to see the wildlife. We had the opportunity to spend some time with the Maasai warriors in their village when we were in the north of the country.

Portraits and people images.
I enjoy doing candid photography shots on the streets, and you will find more of my images here on my Flickr page.

I find that most people are happy to be photographed, and these candid shots can end up being quite fascinating. I like shooting strangers, and with strangers you have a better chance of getting a more interesting shot.

I like images of people doing things and going about their work. Timing is everything and I wait until they are distracted from me and fully focussed on what they are doing or who they are with, thereby capturing the moment of them being unaware of my presence.

Action / Sports
At present this gallery mostly contains images from the Laytown Races and horses exercising on the beach. As time goes on I hope to include some more action shots here.

Places of Interest
In this gallery you will find images of places of interest around Ireland. Castles, stately homes, gardens etc.

In this gallery you will find some of my cakes and bakes I like to combine my new photography passion with the old one ( cooking and baking ). Baking is fun. Its easy. Its therapeutic and its relaxing.....What could be more yummy than having the house smell of freshly-baked cakes.

Topic List

Cityscapes and night shots.
I grew up in Dublin and so have a natural affinity for it. At present i am concentrating mainly on night skyline shots of this wonderful city.

In this gallery you will find decorative objects and lots of nautical stuff.

In this gallery you will find landscape photographs, also waterfalls, rivers, lakes and streams.

In addition to some macro shots of flowers you will also find all kinds of wildlife pictures, including photos of animals and plenty of bird images.

I like nature photography and being out in the wild. One of my favourite places to visit to photograph birds is the Saltee Islands off the coast of Wexford. I have been there twice in early summer for the past two years and look forward to making this an annual trip with friends.